Daily Miscellany

Haiku from the mind of a machine


Haiku on the toiling of a modern office worker, written by ChatGPT:

The office worker sighs
Staring at a sea of numbers
Spreadsheets never end

Spreadsheets and slides
Office worker’s endless toil
Endless suffering

Bright screens glare at me
In the endless sea of cubicles
Trapped in corporate hell

Tired fingers type, click
Mind numbed by tedious tasks
Office drone’s daily grind

I asked it to put a more positive spin on things:

Morning sun shines through
Bustling office, new day starts
Opportunities abound

Cup of coffee steams
Motivating music plays, I work
Productive day ahead

Challenges await, I rise
Determined to conquer them all
Victory is mine

And one more on the future of the human worker:

Robots take the jobs
Human workers left in despair
Cold efficiency reigns