Daily Miscellany


In early September singer K.Flay announced on social media she has a rare medical condition that left her totally deaf in one ear and with severe vertigo. She’s been forthcoming about the difficulties this has posed for normal life, not to mention her career:

i think the most unexpected challenge has been the impact of the hearing loss on my balance and orientation, which makes basic things (like walking or driving) really difficult. i’m in physical therapy to work on that, and i’m getting a little better each day. i can now do a jumping jack :))))) my goal is to be moving pretty freely by the end of october

I would describe the Grammy nominated singer-songwriter as alternative, indie-pop rap. In February she released the deluxe album Inside Voices / Outside Voices that combines two of her previous works and is a good introduction to her music. Here’s wishing her a quick and full recovery. 🎵