Daily Miscellany

Jon Batiste is a remarkable artist


I try to go to a lot of live music, especially festivals, and every once in a while a set comes along that’s truly special. Like seeing an eclipse, once in a lifetime. On Thursday singer Jon Batiste premiered his “American Symphony” at Carnegie Hall. On Saturday at the Pilgrimage Music Festival in Tennessee, still clearly floating from that Carnegie Hall high, Batiste gave what is a contender for one the best live performances I’ve ever seen.

He tore the place down and when his set time was over, he wasn’t ready to go, so he grabbed a melodica and his band kind of looked at him like, WTF? He jumped into the pit and headed back into the crowd, toward the sound booth, followed by his drummer with a tambourine to keep the show going for a few extra minutes.

Truly an artist. Don’t miss an opportunity to see him perform live.

Jon Batiste at Pilgrimage Music Festival